New Resident Information

How do I…….

…get my electric/gas/cable utilities put into my name?

If you are a new homeowner or a new tenant in Boyertown, contact Met-Ed at  (800)545-7741 to set up your new electric account. The service for gas would be UGI Utilities at (800)276-2722. The cable provider in Boyertown is Xfinity, at (800)934-6489.

…get my water and sewer bill in my name, and how does it work?

If you are a new homeowner in town, the company that did your settlement should have taken care of changing the water/sewer account from the previous owner to you. You can always call us at Borough Hall to double check, at 610-369-3030 ext. 104. Water meters are read and water/sewer bills are mailed out quarterly (four times a year), with a due date in 30 days. Payment of your water/sewer bill can be made cash or check, payable to the Borough of Boyertown, either in person in our office or dropped off after-hours in the drop box by our front door. You can also mail the payment to us at the address on the bill.  You do also have the option of paying your water/sewer bill online, through the Borough’s website, for a convenience fee. Please follow the instructions carefully if you are paying online.

…arrange for trash collection?

Boyertown does not have a municipal trash collection program.  Residents are responsible for arranging and financing their own private trash collection accounts. The Borough will, however, pick up leaves at the end of the Fall if you rake them into the gutters. There is also a Borough Christmas tree collection after the holidays for trees placed curbside.

 …enroll my children in their new schools?

The Boyertown Education Center is located at 911 Montgomery Ave, Boyertown, next to Colebrookdale Elementary School. The Ed Center will help you with school enrollments and bus placements.

…contact the police for a non-emergency?

You can call the Eastern Berks Regional Police Department, located at 16 W. Philadelphia Ave., Boyertown, for non-emergencies at (610)369-3050. Please use 911 for any police/fire/ambulance emergency.

…pay my real estate taxes or per capita taxes?

Real Estate taxes and per capita taxes are mailed to your home, and are payable to Sallie Ann Yerger, Tax Collector. If your home is mortgaged, contact your mortgage company for help with how to handle the real estate tax bills. If you have to pay them yourself, you can either mail them to her at the address that is on the tax bills, or you can drop them off at Borough Hall and we will put them in her mailbox.  Please note that if you drop them off with us, we cannot give you a receipt. Sallie Ann also has a few days each tax season where she will ”sit” in-person at Borough Hall if you want to pay them directly to her. The sitting days are also on the tax bills.

…pay my parking or meter ticket?

Parking violations are payable to Borough of Boyertown, check or cash, in the office or can be dropped off in the drop box outside the front door.

…get a parking permit so I don’t get tickets?

We have a municipal lot called Town Center, located behind the businesses at the corner of E Philadelphia and S Reading Avenues. Parking in Town Center is available to anyone in town, but there is a 3 hour time limit.  If you want or need to park longer than 3 hours, you can come to Borough Hall and fill out paperwork for a Town Center parking tag. The cost of the tag is $15.00 per month, and the tag allows you to park in the 3 hour spaces for unlimited time each day.

As far as on-street parking, we have certain streets in the Borough that are posted as 2 hour limit parking. If you live on one of those streets, you can come to Borough Hall and fill out an application for a free Residential Parking Permit, one per vehicle, 4 max per household. That would allow you to park on your own street, near your home, unlimited.

…find out if there is a local library?

The Boyertown Community Library is located at 24 N. Reading Avenue, Boyertown, and is part of the Berks County Public Libraries system.

…find the Boyertown Post Office?

The U.S. Post Office is located at 128 S. Washington Street, Boyertown, right next to Borough Hall.

…update my Voters Registration? And where do I vote?

You can update your address for voters’ registration online at .

If your address places you in Precinct 1, your polling location is Keystone Steam Fire Engine Company, 240 N. Walnut Street, Boyertown. If your address places you in Precinct 2, your polling location is the lower level at Borough Hall, at 100 S. Washington Street, Boyertown.

…find out what other services I might need that you have at Borough Hall?

Code Complaints - You can come to Borough Hall and fill out a code complaint form if you see situations within the Borough that are unsafe and/or unsightly. Our Code Enforcement officers, who are in our community Mondays and Thursdays, will look into it.  

Hunting/Fishing Permits – The Borough allows you to hunt and fish at both of the dams we use for our area’s water supply, Trout Run and Popodickon. Bring your state issued hunting/fishing license to Borough Hall, and we will issue you a free permit to hunt/fish in those areas.  Please abide by the rules on the permit.

Building/Zoning Permits – If you live within the Borough, stop by Borough Hall to pick up permit applications if you are going to be doing construction/renovation/remodeling work to your home. Fill them out and bring them back to the Borough. We will send them to Code Enforcement for processing.  There is a $50 fee, cash or check, to submit a building permit application. There is no fee to submit a zoning permit application. When the permit is issued, we will call you, and there will be a fee for the completed permit, based on the scope of work you are doing.

Rent Pavilions at Community Park – The pavilions are able to be rented by residents of the Boyertown Area School District, for a fee. There are two pavilions and a band shell. Stop by or call Borough Hall to check on availability and pricing.

Yard Sale Permits – If you live within the Borough, you are required to have a permit to hold a yard sale at your home.  Come to Borough Hall and fill out the application. You are permitted to hold two yard sales per year. There is a $5.00 cash or check fee, payable to Borough of Boyertown.